Roly Poly Japanese pictures

Scanned images for Japanese version of Roly Poly released last month. Looks like they kept the original Korean retro concept. Check out the MV here.

T-ara Eunjung Roly Poly Japan

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Our Youth, Roly Poly musical

Official photos of T-ara members (Soyeon, Hyomin & Jiyeon) who are participating in the Our Youth, Roly Poly Musical.

T-ara Our Youth, Roly Poly musical

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T-ara Roly Poly Japanese music video

Japanese music video of T-ara’s Roly Poly, scheduled for 120229 release. The Japanese version looks cuter, especially Jiyeon with a brighter (which fits her age) concept than the Korean version.

Credit: jrockinfo

T-ara Roly Poly star cards

A fan showing his/her set of Roly Poly star-cards of T-ara members. I wonder how many CDs the fan bought to complete the collection (although it’s possible to trade with other fans).

T-ara Jiyeon Roly Poly star card

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Roly-Poly in Copacabana music video

T-ara’s Roly-Poly in Copacabana music video, a remix of the original version. Check out some new concept photos here and here.