T-ara Group Profile

T-ara’s group profile, timeline and milestones (last updated July 2012).

T-ara Korean profile

2009.04 – Released first song Good Person for Cinderella Man soundtrack
2009.06 – Original members Jiae and Jiwon left. Soyeon, Boram and Qri added
2009.07 – Released digital single Lies (Geojitmal)
2009.09 – Released digital single TTL (Time to Love) with Supernova
2009.10 – Released digital single TTL Listen 2
2009.12 – Released album Absolute First Album (including Bo Beep Bo Beep)

T-ara YaYaYa

2010.02 – Released repackaged version for first album, titled Breaking Heart (including I Go Crazy Because of You and I’m Really Hurt)
2010.04 – Released Bubi Bubi, commercial song for KT Telecom
2010.06 – Released We’re The One, FIFA World Cup theme song
2010.12 – Released mini-album Temptastic with new member Hwayoung

T-ara John Travolta Wannabe

2011.06 – Released mini-album John Travolta Wannabe (including Roly Poly)
2011.08 – Released Roly Poly in Copacabana (Roly Poly re-mixed version)
2011.09 – Official debut in Japan with Japanese version of Bo Beep Bo Beep
2011.09 – Released digital single Log-In
2011.11 – Released Black Eye (Cry Cry) mini album
2011.11 – Released Japanese version of YaYaYa

T-ara Black Eye

2012.01 – Released Funky Town (Lovey Dovey), repackage of Black Eyes
2012.02 – Released Japanese version of Roly Poly
2012.05 – Released Japanese version of Lovey Dovey
2012.06 – Released Jewelry Box, first full length Japanese album
2012.07 – Released Day By Day mini album