T-ara Member Profiles

T-ara members’ individual profiles and solo activities (last updated June 2012).


T-ara member Ham Eun-jung

Birth name: Ham Eun-jung (함은정)
Birthdate: December 12, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: O
Height: 168cm
School: DongGook University – Performing Arts
Hobby: Movie, fashion magazines, reading
Specialities: Taekwondo, Pansori (traditional Korean song), horse riding
Position: Lead vocalist, main rapper
Twitter: taraeunjung1212

2010.01 – Part of project group Wonder Women with Hyomin, Davichi and SeeYa
2010.05 – Starred in drama Coffee House
2011.01 – Starred in drama Dream High
2011.04 – Starred in variety show We Got Married with actor Lee Jang-woo
2011.04 – Starred in drama The King of Legend
2011.06 – Starred in movie White: The Curse of Melody
2011.11 – Starred in drama Queen Insoo


T-ara member Hyomin Park

Birth name: Park Sun-young (박선영)
Birthdate: May 30, 1989
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: O
Height: 167
School: SeongGyunGwan University – Acting Arts
Hobby: Photography, cooking, drawing, styling
Specialities: Musical, sports, acting
Position: Vocalist, rapper, lead dancer
Twitter: b89530

2009.10 – Starred in variety show Invincible Youth
2010.01 – Part of project group Wonder Women with Eunjung, Davichi and SeeYa
2010.08 – Starred in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
2011.02 – Duet with Big Brothers in Beautiful Girl
2011.07 – Starred in drama Gyebaek
2011.08 – Starred in movie Gisaeng Ryung


T-ara member Park Ji-yeon

Birth name: Park Ji-yeon (함은정)
Birthdate: June 7, 1993
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood type: AB
Height: 167cm
School: HyeHwa All Girls High School
Hobby: Sleeping, watching movies, Taekwondo, sports, cooking
Position: Vocalist
Twitter: pjy1234

2009.05 – Part of project group Wonder Generation with Davichi and SeeYa
2010.01 – Starred in drama Master of Study
2010.07 – Starred in variety show Heroes
2010.08 – Starred in movie Death Bell 2
2010.10 – Co-host of music variety show Music Core
2010.11 – Starred in drama Jungle Fish 2
2012.12 – Starred in drama Dream High 2


T-ara member Jeon Boram

Birth name: Jeon Boram (전보람)
Birthdate: March 22, 1986
Birthplace: Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea
Family: Father Jeon Young-rok a popular singer, mother Lee Mi-young an actress
Blood type: A
Height: 155cm
School: Myungji University – Theatre and Visual Arts
Position: Vocalist
Twitter: BoRam_0322

2008.04 – Released single Lucifer Project Vol 1. Love
2008.10 – Released album From Memory (before T-ara debut)
2010.08 – Starred in TV-movie Purple Heeled Grim Reaper is Coming


T-ara member Lee Qri

Birth name: Lee Ji-hyun (이지현)
Birthdate: December 12, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 162cm
School: Myungji University – Theatrics
Position: Vocalist
Twitter: QriPretty

2009.09 – Starred in drama Queen SeonDeok
2010.10 – Starred in TV movie Southern Trader Kim Chulsoo’s Update
2011.04 – Starred in drama The King of Legend


T-ara member Park So-yeon

Birth name: Park In-jung (박인정)
Birthdate: October 5, 1987
Birthplace: Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height: 163cm
School: Anyang Art School
Position: Main vocalist
Twitter: sohotmelody

2010.05 – Participated in drama Coffee House OST
2010.08 – Participated in movie Death Bell 2 OST
2011.08 – Participated in movie Gisaeng Ryung OST


T-ara member Ryu Hwa-young

Birth name: Ryu Hwa-young (류화영)
Birthdate: April 22, 1993
Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
Family: Twin sister Ryu Hyo-young in Co.Ed
Height: 168cm
School: Sungeul High School
Position: Rapper
Twitter: RHY422

2010.07 – Joined T-ara as the 7th member
2010.12 – Official debut in mini album Temptastic