Cry Cry – Lovey Dovey concept photos

Another set of Cry Cry & Lovey Dovey concept photos.

T-ara Qri Cry Cry Lovey Dovey

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Cry Cry dance practise & full song

Cry Cry dance practise video, with full song.


T-ara Cry Cry movie posters

T-ara’s Cry Cry movie posters. The mini-album has achieved all-kill on digital charts a day after release.

T-ara Cry Cry movie poster

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Cry Cry music video

Finally, it’s here. Music-movie-video of Cry Cry, starring Jiyeon, Cha Seung-won and Ji Chang-wook (+Hyomin cameo).

There’s also a 30-seconds preview of Lovey Dovey in the end.