Qri Tinkerbell selca

Qri’s Twitter update on 120710. Find the Tinkerbell?

T-ara Qri selca picture

Qri, Eunjung & Hwayoung Gibalhan Chicken

Fan photos of Qri, Eunjung and Hwayoung at an autograph signing event on 120530 for Gibalhan Chicken which they endorsed.

T-ara Qri Gibalhan Chicken fan signing

T-ara Qri Gibalhan Chicken fan signing

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BoQ in Europe

Qri’s recent update of a photo with Boram taken during their European trip.

T-ara Boram Qri Italy

Translation by @diademtweets: “Oldest two” Bbokyul picture

Qri & maknae selca

Qri and Hwayoung’s selca pictures. Free promo for Apple iPhone lol.

T-ara Qri and Hwayoung Twitter selca

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Qri celebrates T-ara’s 1000th day

Qri has shared some thoughts on T-ara’s 1000th day since their debut (which happened on the same day as Hwayoung’s birthday).

T-ara Qri 1000 day celebration tweet

Translation by @diademtweets: Today is T-ARA 1000 Days…. I love you T-ara I love you forever, thank you, let’s stay together forever