Blue Eunjung, Green Qri, Red Hyomin

Blonde, black, blue, green, red… what’s the hair color of the remaining I wonder.

T-ara Eunjung, Qri, Hyomin Day by Day hair color

This picture was supposedly tweeted by Hyomin but deleted now, not sure why.

Credit: 티알러브@T-arafan

Redhead Biker Hyomin

Another Day By Day photo teaser post – biker Hyomin in red hair.

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

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Hyomin & Jiyeon snacks & hairdo

Hyomin’s Twitter update – taking some snacks (tteokbokki & sundae) with Jiyeon while having their hair done. Hyomin is dying her hair red while Jiyeon turning into a blonde to film their Day By Day Korean comeback MV.

T-ara Hyomin Jiyeon Korean snack

T-ara Hyomin Jiyeon hair dyeing

Hyomin & Dani Day by Day teaser photo

CCM has released a teaser photo of Hyomin and new member Dani from the shooting scene for the upcoming MV for Day by Day album which will be released on 120703. Dani is featuring in the film but not the album or promotion.

T-ara Dani Hyomin Day by Day

Another new member Ahreum will be involved with the comeback in full though. We should be getting some teaser pictures of her soon.