T-ara Day By Day music video

T-ara’s Day By Day MV – official debut for new member Ahreum who doesn’t feature much in the video; and unofficially for Dani who’s starring in the video but not in the song or live performances (there could be surprise though).

T-ara Round & Round MV

Round & Round music video, a remake of a popular old song.

Credit: CCM

Soyeon, Yangpa & Lee Boram – I Know MV

Music video of I Know by Yangpa, in collaboration with our Soyeon, and SeeYa’s Lee Boram (not to be confused with T-ara’s Boram).

Eunjung guest-stars (and talks a lot) in the MV.

Credit: Loenent

T-ara Lovey Dovey Japanese MV

T-ara’s Lovey Dovey Japanese music video.

Credit: Jrockinfo@youtube