Qri Tinkerbell selca

Qri’s Twitter update on 120710. Find the Tinkerbell?

T-ara Qri selca picture

Day By Day & Don’t Leave Music Core

T-ara’s Day By Day debut stage on MBC Music Core + Don’t Leave special stage on 120707. New member Ahreum did well for her first stage.

Credit: MBCKpop

Hwayoung DBD goodies selca

Hwayoung’s selca photos with some fan-made Day By Day gifts.

T-ara Hwayoung Day By Day gifts

T-ara Day By Day music video

T-ara’s Day By Day MV – official debut for new member Ahreum who doesn’t feature much in the video; and unofficially for Dani who’s starring in the video but not in the song or live performances (there could be surprise though).