Day By Day & Don’t Leave Music Core

T-ara’s Day By Day debut stage on MBC Music Core + Don’t Leave special stage on 120707. New member Ahreum did well for her first stage.

Credit: MBCKpop

Hwayoung DBD goodies selca

Hwayoung’s selca photos with some fan-made Day By Day gifts.

T-ara Hwayoung Day By Day gifts

T-ara Day By Day music video

T-ara’s Day By Day MV – official debut for new member Ahreum who doesn’t feature much in the video; and unofficially for Dani who’s starring in the video but not in the song or live performances (there could be surprise though).

Japanese Nicky Magazine

T-ara members on August 2012 issue of Japanese Nicky Magazine. It’s a bit odd seeing the girls featuring more often in oversea’s magazine then in Korea.

T-ara Japanese Nikki Magazine

T-ara Japanese Nikki Magazine

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Blue Eunjung, Green Qri, Red Hyomin

Black, blonde, blue, green, red… what’s the hair colour of the remaining T-ara members I wonder.

T-ara Eunjung, Qri, Hyomin Day by Day hair color

This picture was supposedly tweeted by Hyomin but deleted now, probably to avoid spoiler for their upcoming MV (too late haha).

Credit: 티알러브@T-arafan