Boram & Jiyeon selca

Boram’s Twitter update on 120612. Sometimes it feels like Boram is the maknae instead of Jiyeon. The later will soon not be the youngest in the group with addition of the new members.

T-ara Boram Jiyeon selca

BoQ in Europe

Qri’s recent update of a photo with Boram taken during their European trip.

T-ara Boram Qri Italy

Translation by @diademtweets: “Oldest two” Bbokyul picture

Giant Baby Boram

Boram’s cute Twitpic on 120303.

T-ara Boram cute twitter update

Paris sight seeing

Boram, Qri and Soyeon visiting famous landmark in Paris – the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe.

T-ara Boram Paris Eiffel Tower

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Soyeon & Boram couple selca

Soyeon’s Twitpic on 111228 with Boram, looks like from a music show rehearsal.

T-ara Soyeon and Boram selca