T-ara Thailand Airport 120604

Fanpics of T-ara members leaving Thailand on June 4th after their Bangkok concert the night before. Looks like the girls are leaving on an early flight.

T-ara Soyeon Thailand airport

T-ara Jiyeon Thailand airport

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T-ara back from Japan

Media photos of T-ara members coming back from Japan on 120507, probably for a photoshoot for their new Japanese album.

T-ara Eunjung airport fashion

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Hyomin & Soyeon Thailand airport fancams

Fancams of Hyomin and Soyeon arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport on 120406. T-ara will be one of the performers for MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok.

Song: Urban Zakapa – Beautiful Day. Credit: pokkase@youtube

T-ara Gimpo Airport 110926

T-ara at Gimpo Airport, departing for Japan on 110926. Their Japanese debut single, Bo Beep Bo Beep, will be officially released on 110928.

T-ara Eunjung Gimpo Airport

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Eunjung & Hyomin play with kid at airport

Eunjung and Hyomin playing with a little foreigner while waiting for their flight to Thailand to promote a survival music talent show.

T-ara Eunjung and Hyomin at airport

Credit: Sportsseoul