Soyeon, Yangpa & Lee Boram – I Know MV

Music video of I Know by Yangpa, in collaboration with our Soyeon, and SeeYa’s Lee Boram (not to be confused with T-ara’s Boram).

Our Eunjung also guest-starred (and talked a lot) in the MV.

Credit: Loenent

Soyeon Paris selca

Soyeon’s Twitter update on 120208.

T-ara Soyeon ParisT-ara Soyeon Paris

Translation by @diademtweets: As soon as I got to my hotel room after arriving in Paris, feeling bored, I was having a conversation with Park Ssoㅡ* who was two rooms down from mine_ㅋㅋ Dying to know what our dinner menu is like but I’m sleepy so I’m in the middle of contemplating on what to do!” (ಠㅅಠ)” keung keung

Our Youth, Roly Poly musical

Official photos of T-ara members (Soyeon, Hyomin & Jiyeon) who are participating in the Our Youth, Roly Poly Musical.

T-ara Our Youth, Roly Poly musical

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Soyeon, Hwayoung & Woori selca

Soyeon and Hwayoung taking a selca with Rainbow’s Woori during the filming of MBC’s Idol Athletic Championship a couple of days ago.

T-ara Soyeon, Hwayoung and Rainbow Woori selca

Translation by @diademtweets: With Soyeon unni and Hwayoungie ㅎㅎ We met at the swimming championships after so long ㅠ Why are you all so busy? ㅠ Yesterday was the swimming competition and today’s the athletic championships >_

Credit: Woori’s Twitter

Soyeon & Boram couple selca

Soyeon’s Twitpic on 111228 with Boram, looks like from a music show rehearsal.

T-ara Soyeon and Boram selca