T-ara Freedom hotel room photoshoot

T-ara’s alluring teaser pictures for their Freedom European photo book, taken in their hotel rooms in Italy.

T-ara Qri Freedom photoshoot

T-ara Jiyeon Freedom photoshoot

T-ara Eunjung Freedom photoshoot

T-ara Hwayoung Freedom photoshoot

T-ara Hyomin Freedom photoshoot

T-ara Boram Freedom photoshoot

T-ara Soyeon Freedom photoshoot

Credit: Corecontents (Korean)


  1. Why am I not surprised that Jiyeon is photographed eating something!! And you guys (ladies) told that Japanese company, who were willing to pay you for pictures of your trip, your not talented enough?! Take one head shot of each member (what 7 just now?) and then add 5 more group (all together) shots on some scenic locations and you got a 12 month calendar!! Trust me when I say every T-ara fan in the WORLD would scoop them up like they were one-of-a-kind candy bars. At any rate hope you ladies have a lot of fun out there.