All good things come to an end

I’m sad to announce that this blog will be closing down. This fansite was started more than a year ago with three (later four) editors but all others have left for various reasons; and it’s now my (the last one) turn to say goodbye.

T-ara Korean International Fansite

It’s fun to share T-ara’s stuff with all the fans, but it’s becoming a burden. For those who are not familiar with blogging it might seem easy to just share some news and pictures, but fact is it consumes quite a lot of time to follow all the happenings.

The site will still be up but will not be updated. I’m not sure how to make this sounds any better, but thank you very much for your love and support. I’ll continue to be a fan of T-ara, but in a lower profile way. Goodbye.

T-ara Europe pictorial

New set of photos from T-ara’s European trip in April 2012. The girls went to Italy and Switzerland to help their new label mates as well as shooting their own photobook (these pictures will probably featured in that too).

T-ara members Europe trip

T-ara members Europe trip

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Day By Day & Don’t Leave Music Core

T-ara’s Day By Day debut stage on MBC Music Core + Don’t Leave special stage on 120707. New member Ahreum did well for her first stage.

Credit: MBCKpop

Redhead Biker Hyomin

Another Day By Day teaser photo post – biker Hyomin in red hair.

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

Credit: 러브라브라브@T-arafan

Jiyeon goes blonde Day By Day

Jiyeon at the filming location for Day By Day music video. I don’t like her blonde hair style, but she looks so hot in this picture.

T-ara Jiyeon Day By Day blonde hair

Btw, the photographer totally screwed up the date setting lol, it’s still June.