Redhead Biker Hyomin

Another Day By Day teaser photo post – biker Hyomin in red hair.

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

T-ara Hyomin Day By Day redhead biker

Credit: 러브라브라브@T-arafan

Jiyeon goes blonde Day By Day

Jiyeon at the filming location for Day By Day music video. I don’t like her blonde hair style, but she looks so hot in this picture.

T-ara Jiyeon Day By Day blonde hair

Btw, the photographer totally screwed up the date setting lol, it’s still June.

Day By Day MV photo teasers

Photo teasers for T-ara’s Day By Day music video. Eunjung can keep her hair in dark color while Hyomin and Jiyeon have to go through the torture LoL…

T-ara Day By Day Jiyeon teaser

T-ara Day By Day Hyomin teaser

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Jewelry Box Shibuya billboard

Jewelry Box’s billboard at a busy crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo. T-ara will kick start their Japan tour today in Nagoya, ganbatte… fighting!!!

T-ara Jewelry Box Tokyo Shibuya

Credit: 쿨리팝@T-arafan

Hyomin & Jiyeon snacks & hairdo

Hyomin’s Twitter update – taking some snacks (tteokbokki & sundae) with Jiyeon while having their hair done. Hyomin is dying her hair red while Jiyeon turning into a blonde to film their Day By Day Korean comeback MV.

T-ara Hyomin Jiyeon Korean snack

T-ara Hyomin Jiyeon hair dyeing