Soyeon to become new T-ara leader

It has been announced that Soyeon will become the new leader of T-ara starting 2012. She shared a few thoughts on Twitter responding to fans’ congratulatory messages.

앞으로 소연이는 그저 티아라를 위한 활동으로 더 열심히 하려구요…에고 효민아! 수고많았다 ♥ 참… 오글거리네 허허허 ;

Translation by @diademtweets: Soyeonnie will only concentrate on working even harder for T-ara’s promotions in the future… aigoo Hyomin-ah! You worked so hard ♥ Really… this is corny hahaha ;

우선 그동안 은정이, 보람언니, 효민이가 너무나 수고가 많았어용* 대견했고… 우리 효민이에게도 너무 수고많았다는 멘션 부탁드리고싶어용 힛”

First of all, Eunjungie, Boram unni, and Hyominnie all worked really hard up until now* I was proud… I want to ask for everyone to send our Hyominnie mentions to say she did well hee”

음…. 너무 많은 분들께서 축하해주셔서 감사트윗을 안드릴수가 없네용 흐^^; 사실 부끄럽기도하고 유난스러워 보일까바도 모르는척 하려했지만…

Eum…. there were so many people that were congratulating me so I couldn’t help but write a thank you tweet heu^^; Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing and I was afraid it’ll seem like a big deal so I tried to pretend like I didn’t notice but…

Congrats Soyeon, fighting!!!

Soyeon teddy bear selca

Doll-faced Soyeon and her teddy bear.

T-ara Soyeon and teddy bear selca

나 좀 코 재워주세요오오… 끄응; …

Translation by @diademtweets: Please put me to sleep… kkeung; …

Soyeon leaving SBS 111127

Soyeon leaving SBS building after Inkigayo show on 111127.

T-ara Soyeon leaving SBS Inkigayo

T-ara Soyeon leaving SBS Inkigayo

T-ara Soyeon leaving SBS Inkigayo

Credits: As tagged & 슈퍼돌@Sosiz

Cry Cry smoothen out your wrinkles?

A LoL Twit from Hyomin (with Soyeon).

T-ara Hyomin and Soyeon Cry Cry selca

모두 크라이크라이 안무를 배워보세요 눈가에 있는 주름까지 절로펴진답니다~

Translation by @diademtweets: Everyone try learning the Cry Cry choreography It will naturally smoothen out anyone’s wrinkles~

Soyeon loves Rinka Style

Soyeon’s Twitter update with a style-photobook of Japanese model Rinka.

T-ara Soyeon loves Japanese Rinka Style

こんどは,藤井リナさんのものもかいたい。。。♥ 다음번엔, 후지이리나상것도 사고싶땅…♥

Translation by @diademtweets: Next time, I want to buy Fujii Lena’s as well…♥