Day By Day & Don’t Leave Music Core

T-ara’s Day By Day debut stage on MBC Music Core + Don’t Leave special stage on 120707. New member Ahreum did well for her first stage.

Credit: MBCKpop

Love Dovey Music Core 120114

Lovey Dovey performance on MBC Music Core on 120114.

Credit: MBCkpop

Jiyeon & Suzy’s last day on Music Core

Jiyeon’s selca with Miss A’s Suzy, on their last day as the hosts for Music Core.

T-ara Jiyeon and Miss A Suzy Music Core

show음악중심! 오늘마지막이였습니다~ 벌써1년이란시간이지났네요ㅎㅎ그동안너무행복했고감사했습니다..더성장한모습으로돌아올께요~ 기대하쇼쇼쇼 안녕~♥

Music Core backstage selca 110723

Hyomin’s Twit. MBC Music Core backstage with actress Shim Eun-kyung whom Hyomin dubbed as the “original retro queen”.

T-ara Music Core selca

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