T-ara Black Eyes October comeback

T-ara will make their comeback with Black Eyes in October:

Boosted by the success of their smash-hit, Roly-Poly, T-ara has decided to join the comeback fray by returning with Black Eyes in October!

On September 8th, Core Contents Media revealed, “T-ara will be releasing a new album titled Black Eyes on October 27th. We purposely matched up the dates to comeback at the same time as girl groups SNSD and the Wonder Girls, as well as soloist G-Dragon.”

They continued, “We’re just that confident in our album. T-ara will be letting go of their retro concept from Roly-Poly and return to electronic sounds that teens like more. There will be added melodies that appeal to teens all the way up to those in their 60’s.

Like their previous works, the album is the product of producers Brave Brothers and Shinsadong Tiger.

Credit: vitalsign@allkpop