111202 T-ara selca day

T-ara members in good mood? Qri, Soyeon, Boram and Hwayoung have all shared a piece of selca in different style on 111202.

Qri: It has been a long time – 久しぶりですね

T-ara Qri Twitter selca

Soyeon??? – 두밤자면 한국가용 에고고 엄마 보고싶땅*

T-ara Soyeon Twitter selca

Boram x4 – ボラム 4마리 (´•.̫ • ⋈)

T-ara Boram Twitter selca

Hwayoung Goodnight Selca – 또배고파요..빨리아침이왔으면ㅋㅋ >_<내일아침밥은~~~~뭘까나~ㅎ 모두들 베이비굿나잇~!!!! T-ara Hwayoung Twitter selca