Soyeon fresh face selca (110930)

Soyeon tries to rival Jiyeon’s popular fresh face selca with her own Twitpics??? Looks pretty too without heavy makeup. Nice skin but dark eye circles… need more rest ^.^

T-ara Soyeon fresh face selcaT-ara Soyeon fresh face selca

とうきようでのよるもさいごですよね。。。おやすみなさい。:) ♥  잘자요오ㅡ*

SoYeon Japanese YaYaYa selca?

SoYeon’s Twitpic on 110925 in “new” Yayaya costume. Japanese version of YaYaYa? Or perhaps more unlikely, the new Korean album concept?

T-ara Soyeon Japanese YaYaYa selca

new new newww YaYaYa ★

Update: Yayaya will officically be T-ara’s second Japanese single.

Soyeon yet another Roly Poly selca

Soyeon’s selca twit on 110923 in Roly Poly outfit. Still performing the song?

T-ara Soyeon Roly Poly selca

긴머리소녀 :) 잘 부탁해♥

SoYeon wet selca 110905

SoYeon’s Twitter update on 110905. Looks like she had just taken a bath.

T-ara Soyeon wet selca

준비중….심심해 >ㅅ< "♥

Soyeon wink selca 110903

Soyeon’s selca on 110903. Wink ;)

T-ara Soyeon wink selcaT-ara Soyeon wink selca

귀여운 척 좀 해바따 ! 킁” 미…미.. 미안해용