Soyeon leaves strict warning to creepy netizen

Soyeon has left a stern warning for a creep haunting her Twitter. On November 15th, Soyeon tweeted, “Dear delusional patient. This is my first warning. I will report you from now on. You’re definitely not a fan.”

T-ara Korean member Park Soyeon

The term “delusional patient” in her tweet made many netizens speculate that she was referring to a specific anti-fan. Later in the day, however, Soyeon left a longer explanation on the situation, which read:

“The tweet I left for a specific person yesterday is not for an anti, but for someone who is close to a criminal. This is my first warning to the delusional person who has been mentioning lies and purposely sexually harassing me for a long period of time. I think it’s been about a year since I tried to look over it, thinking that it’s just his personality.”

Concerned fans and netizens responded, “What is going on?? Please be safe!”, “Her manager should call the Cyber Police if this gets too far,” and “There must be something serious going on since she incorporated sexual harassment into the message.”

Credit: Allkpop

Soyeon peekaboo selca

Soyeon’s selca on 111113.

T-ara Soyeon peekaboo selca

Translation by @bluetory: Peekaboo … >ㅅ< Almost done with schedules.... Now to the practice room... !!

Soyeon selca 111102

T-ara Soyeon November selcaT-ara Soyeon November selca

날씨가 조쿠나아아아 ♥ 화창한 겨울날이구운 >ㅅ<" 무엇을 할까나아~?

Translation by @diademtweets: The weather’s so niceee ♥ It’s a clear winter day >ㅅ<" What should I do~?

Happy Birthday Soyeon!

Soyeon is celebrating her 24th (or 25th in Korean) birthday on October 5th. She has twitted a message just before the turn of the day. Happy Birthday Soyeon!

T-ara Soyeon birthday selca

25년 :) 앞으로 몇 배는 더 곱하기 … 그 시간들 동안은 늘 따뜻하고 외롭지않고 행복할꺼야 ♥ 욕심없이 한가지만 바라면 되니까 늘 … 감사하면서 헤에

Loose translation: 25 Years :) I wish in the next few, many, times … it’s going to be warm, happy, not lonely … I’ll be grateful

Note: The photo was twitted a day earlier. The B’day message was without pic.

Soyeon orders ramen from vending machine?

Soyeon’s Twitpic on 111002, in front of a Japanese food vending machine.

T-ara Soyeon Japanese ramen vending machine

으헤헤 한국으로 돌아가기전 ㅡ” 라멘 한그릇 하고! 냠냠 ★

Loose translation: Euhehe, before back to life in Korea – I had a bowl of Ramen! Yum Yum ★