Jiyeon & Thai fans selca

Jiyeon shared a selca pic (there’s a huge glass in between, indoor vs outdoor lol) with some passionate fans in Thailand.

T-ara Jiyeon and Thai fans selca

The message (translated by @diademtweets): Thailand bye~bye~! We’ll come again soon!See you then~~! The picture I took with fans tada♥

Jiyeon talks to flowers in Dream High 2

Official photos from KBS TV drama series Dream High 2 which will end later this month. Jiyeon talking to flowers in hospital?

T-ara Jiyeon Dream High 2

T-ara Jiyeon Dream High 2

T-ara Jiyeon Dream High 2

The drama is not doing well in ratings (compared to its prequel) but hopefully it’s a good learning experience for Jiyeon.

Jiyeon 120213 selca

Jiyeon’s Twitpic on 120213. It has been a long time since her previous selca.

T-ara Jiyeon 2012 selca

Our Youth, Roly Poly musical

Official photos of T-ara members (Soyeon, Hyomin & Jiyeon) who are participating in the Our Youth, Roly Poly Musical.

T-ara Our Youth, Roly Poly musical

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Roly Poly Musical script reading

Photos of Jiyeon, Soyeon and Hyomin at the script reading session for Roly Poly Musical. Not sure what the story line is about, and only three T-ara members are involved with the show.

T-ara Jiyeon Roly Poly Musical

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