Eunjung robbed of 23,000 Euros in Italy

Eunjung has been robbed of a staggering 23,000 Euros in Italy.

During T-ara’s stay in Italy, Eunjung was put in charge of managing the budget for T-ara and Core Content Media’s new seven-member girl group.

It’s reported that she lost her handbag on April 12th at 5PM, Central European Time, when the group took a short break during their photo shoot at a cathedral square in Milan.

Regarding the incident, Eunjung expressed grief and sadly stated, “I’m so sorry to T-ara and the other seven members. I will reimburse the money when I return to South Korea.” Meanwhile the other members expressed, “She did her best as our guide. She was robbed while she was working hard, so it’s ok.”

Eunjung also expressed her gratitude to her fellow members who comforted her after the accident, stating, “We were able to successfully complete the filming due to the other members who stood by and comforted me.”

However, one staff member revealed what happened behind the scenes. “After the filming was finished, Eunjung went back to the hotel and cried all night,” he stated.

Credit: MrTuxedo@Allkpop

Hope Eunjung can recover from the unfortunate incident soon.