Hwayoung birthday & seaweed soup

Hwayoung has tweeted a photo of seaweed soup (Koreans eat this on birthday) and wishes her twin sister Hyoyoung a Happy Birthday.

T-ara Hwayoung Korean birthday seaweed soup

Hyomin Switzerland Twitpics

Hyomin was the only T-ara member who had a prolonged stay in Europe (with the new CCM girl group) while the rest of T-ara returned to Korea.

T-ara Hyomin Switzerland tweets

T-ara Hyomin Switzerland tweets

T-ara Hyomin Switzerland tweets

Translated by @diademtweets: I want to go back~~~~~~ Parodying ‘Peppermint Candy’ in Switzerland

T-ara members turn into catwomen

Hyomin’s Twitpic, didn’t say what is this for. Mouse, bat, cat???

T-ara members catwomen

Jiyeon & Thai fans selca

Jiyeon shared a selca pic (there’s a huge glass in between, indoor vs outdoor lol) with some passionate fans in Thailand.

T-ara Jiyeon and Thai fans selca

The message (translated by @diademtweets): Thailand bye~bye~! We’ll come again soon!See you then~~! The picture I took with fans tada♥

Hwayoung & Qri fun at Bangkok hotel

Hwayoung and Qri, who are sharing a hotel room in Bangkok, have tweeted a series of weird and playful pictures.

T-ara Hwayoung Bangkok hotel

T-ara Qri Bangkok hotel