Hwayoung & Hyoyoung Lovey Dovey

Hwayoung and twin sister Hyoyoung’s Lovey Dovey concept photo for SPEED, a male sub-unit of Co-Ed, T-ara’s label mate.

T-ara Hwayoung and Hyoyoung Lovey DoveyCo-Ed Speed Lovey Dovey

SPEED are going to release a new version of Lovey Dovey with a new music video starring the twins.

Update: The MV is here, check out Lovey Dovey Plus.

Soyeon, Hwayoung & Woori selca

Soyeon and Hwayoung taking a selca with Rainbow’s Woori during the filming of MBC’s Idol Athletic Championship a couple of days ago.

T-ara Soyeon, Hwayoung and Rainbow Woori selca

Translation by @diademtweets: With Soyeon unni and Hwayoungie ㅎㅎ We met at the swimming championships after so long ㅠ Why are you all so busy? ㅠ Yesterday was the swimming competition and today’s the athletic championships >_

Credit: Woori’s Twitter

Hwayoung & Hyoyoung 2012

Hwayoung and twin sister Hyoyoung 2012 New Year Twitpics.

T-ara Hwayoung twin sister Hyoyoung
T-ara Hwayoung twin sister HyoyoungT-ara Hwayoung twin sister Hyoyoung

The three short-hair members

The three T-ara members with short hair reunite. Hyomin’s Twitpic on 111227.

T-ara Hyomin, Hwayoung, Eunjung short hair

Translation by @diademtweets: The three members whose hair keeps getting shorter unwillingly. Hehe~ㅋㅋㅋ

Hwayoung happy selca

Another preaching from Hwayoung lol.

T-ara Hwayoung happy selca

매사에 감사를느낀다는건 행복한사람이다

Translation by @diademtweets: A happy person is one who feels thankful for every little thing