Hyomin 4th dimension Twit

Hyomin’s Twitter update on 111209.

T-ara Hyomin Twitter update


Loose translation: A meaningful work in progress…

Cry Cry smoothen out your wrinkles?

A LoL Twit from Hyomin (with Soyeon).

T-ara Hyomin and Soyeon Cry Cry selca

모두 크라이크라이 안무를 배워보세요 눈가에 있는 주름까지 절로펴진답니다~

Translation by @diademtweets: Everyone try learning the Cry Cry choreography It will naturally smoothen out anyone’s wrinkles~

Hyomin Gyebaek finale

Hyomin’s mosaic picture with the cast and crew of historical drama Gyebaek, which aired its final episode on 111122 after four months of hardwork.

T-ara Hyomin Gyebaek drama cast members
T-ara Hyomin Gyebaek drama crew members

Hyomin breakfast selca

Hyomin’s Twitter update on 111115.

T-ara Hyomin breakfast selca

컴백 이틀전입니다~ 귤한개 고구마한개 삶은달걀한개 내 아침.. 아껴먹어야지 ^-^ 쓴웃음

Translation by @diademtweets: Two days before the comeback~ A tangerine, a potato and a boiled egg, my breakfast.. I should treasure these ^-^ -bitter smile-

Eunjung claims Jiyeon & Hyomin ownership

Eunjung’s Twitter update on 111028, declaring her territory lol.

T-ara Eunjung and Jiyeon selca

T-ara Eunjung and Hyomin selca

다 내꺼야아아아♥♥♥♥ 쿄쿄쿄….. *_*

Translation by diademtweets: All mineeee♥♥♥♥ kyokyokyo….. *_*