Hwayoung & Qri fun at Bangkok hotel

Hwayoung and Qri, who are sharing a hotel room in Bangkok, have tweeted a series of weird and playful pictures.

T-ara Hwayoung Bangkok hotel

T-ara Qri Bangkok hotel

Qri cold selca

Qri’s Twitpic on 120203. Winter days.

Qri cold selca

Loose translation: Arwww… it’s so cold.

Qri selca 111115

Qri’s Twitpic on 111115. 쉿! (Shhh!)

T-ara Qri November selca

Waitress Qri

Qri turns waitress for her mates in China. T-ara was in Beijing along with many other Kpop artists for the Korea-China Song Festival on 111108.

T-ara Qri Chinese waitress

Credit: lun0209@twitter & as tagged

Lovey-Dovey & Cry Cry MV photo teaser

Teaser pics for T-ara’s Lovey-Dovey and Cry Cry music videos. The two songs will be made into a 30-minute long drama-music-video, starring Cha Seung-won (an actor whom Eunjung likes lol).

T-ara rocks with their tough-guy image, but a 30-minute MV? Hmmmm…

T-ara Lovey Dovey teaser photo

T-ara Lovey Dovey teaser photo

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