Eunjung cuts her bangs

Eunjung’s latest Twitter update with a new hairstyle.

T-ara Eunjung Twitter hairstyle

The three short-hair members

The three T-ara members with short hair reunite. Hyomin’s Twitpic on 111227.

T-ara Hyomin, Hwayoung, Eunjung short hair

Translation by @diademtweets: The three members whose hair keeps getting shorter unwillingly. Hehe~ㅋㅋㅋ

Eunjung Queen Insoo promo pictures

Queen Insoo drama promotion photos, starring Eunjung and Chae Shi-ra etc. The Korean historical tv series will start airing on 111203.

T-ara Eunjung Queen Insoo drama

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Eunjung falls off a horse

Eunjung had an accident on set while filming her new drama, Queen Insoo, earlier today. From latest updates seems like it’s not serious, thankfully.

T-ara Eunjung falls off horse in drama

Representatives of Core Contents Media revealed, “On November 14th, Eunjung headed straight for the Queen Insoo set after completing her choreography rehearsal.” They continued, “Unfortunately, due to the cold weather and the fast speed of the horse, Eunjung lost her grip on the reins and fell.”

The representatives assured that Eunjung was given painkillers after she was rushed to the hospital. Shooting schedules will be readjusted accordingly after closer examination.

In related news, T-ara will be making their comeback performance on November 17th through Mnet’s M! Countdown.

Credit: Allkpop

Eunjung Queen Insoo teaser images

A few photos of Eunjung from the filming set of historical drama series, Queen Insoo. Eunjung is playing the young version of lead actress Chae Shi-ra.

T-ara Eunjung Queen Insoo

T-ara Eunjung Queen Insoo

T-ara Eunjung Queen Insoo

Credit: 러브라브라브@T-arafan