Jewelry Box #2 on Oricon Chart

T-ara’s first full length Japanese album Jewelry Box made it to the 2nd spot on the Oricon weekly chart, just behind popular Japanese boy band Hey! Say! JUMP. Congratulations!

T-ara Jewelry Box Oricon Chart

Boram & Jiyeon selca

Boram’s Twitter update on 120612. Sometimes it feels like Boram is the maknae instead of Jiyeon. The later will soon not be the youngest in the group with addition of the new members.

T-ara Boram Jiyeon selca

T-ara’s 8th member?

Ah-reum, to be officially unveiled as T-ara’s 8th member in next few days.

T-ara Ahreum school uniform

Different from 9th member Dani who’s officially joining the group activities in late 2012, Ahreum will be included in T-ara’s next album (rumoured July).

Jiyeon & Hyomin birthday party

Jiyeon celebrates her 19th (or 20th in Korean) birthday today. A party was held for Jiyeon and also Hyomin who had her birthday last week. Happy birthday!!!

Tara Jiyeon and Hyomin birthday party

T-ara Round & Round music video

Round & Round music videos, a remake of a popular old song. First is the dance version while second is more casual like.

Credit: CCM